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Robotics for In Vivo Electrophysiology Neuromatic Devices is a neurotechnology company specializing in neuroscience research tools and revolutionary new products for automated in vivo whole-cell patch clamping. With our products, researchers can achieve high quality recordings with yields that exceed … Continue reading

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This Physicist Says Consciousness Could Be a New State of Matter ‘Perceptronium’.  Consciousness isn’t something scientists like to talk about much. You can’t see it, you can’t touch it, and despite the best efforts of certain researchers, you can’t quantify … Continue reading

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The Brain’s Dark Energy

Brain regions active when our minds wander may hold a key to  understanding neurological disorders and even consciousness itself KEY CONCEPTS• Neuroscientists have long  thought that the brain’s circuits are turned offwhen a person is at rest.• Imaging experiments,however, have … Continue reading

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