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Aristotle, godfather of evidence-based medicine (b)

(being continued from 7/06/17) Alexandria In 331, Alexander the great conquered Egypt and built the city of Alexandria at the site of the village of Rakotis (Ra-kedet in ancient Egyptian dialect, meaning “Ra builds”) (Sallam, 2001). After the death of … Continue reading

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Aristotle, godfather of evidence-based medicine (a)

IntroductionAristotle, one the greatest minds that ever existed, is indeed the godfather of evidence-based medicine. His teachings of logic and philosophy have been a driving force continuously guiding medicine away from superstition and towards the scientific method.Today, the revival of … Continue reading

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COMETS – ΚΟΜΗΤΕΣ – комета FROM THE VERB κομᾶν – n. κομη

Α)Halley’s comet ‘was spotted by the ancient Greeks’ Abstract The regularity of the orbits of comet Halley has made possible the determination of its visits backwards in time through the Middle Ages to antiquity. Computer models have provided correlations between … Continue reading

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The Evolution of the Concept of Psyche from Homer to Aristotle (D-λαστ)

(CONTINUED FROM  9/08/10) ARISTOTLE’S COMPREHENSIVE SOUL-CONCEPT In Aristotle’s extant texts the concept of psyche is the object of highly systematic elaboration. He diligently reviewed and interpreted all the available soul-conceptions of his predecessors in the first book of De Anima. … Continue reading

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