A)Drafting EU law? Take ICT aspects into account and use ICT Impact Assessment Guidelines

Are you a policy officer drafting EU legislation, which may entail information and communication technology aspects? Or you work in the IT or Impact Assessment capability of your Directorate-General and you would like to support your policy colleagues to assess the ICT impacts of their policy proposal?

Then have a look at the updated ICT Impact Assessment Guidelines, which provide a systematic way of assessing the digital aspects of proposed legislative initiatives. The guidelines are fully aligned with and complement the Better Regulation Guidelines and Toolbox of the European Commission. Following its methodological steps, you can assess the various IT scenarios which may support the implementation of your policy, and select the most suitable and cost-efficient one.

Benefits of conducting an ICT impact assessment

  • Assessing ICT impacts at an early stage increases the chances of an efficient, effective and timely implementation of the proposed legislation and assures higher quality.
  • The ICT impact assessment may also help you to identify existing solutions and building blocks for reuse. In general, through this process, you can better plan the needed resources and the implementation schedule.
  • Also, through this process, you can reach out to partners, such as IT experts and IT governance, who can help you in creating legislation.

As a next step, DG Informatics is working under the ISA² Programme to build up a comprehensive support offer around the updated ICT Impact Assessment Guidelines.


B)Give your feedback on new EU Vocabularies website

We are happy to announce you the opening of the new EU Vocabularies website. This site will replace the current Metadata Registry and EuroVoc websites.

Visitors will find under one roof a selection of EU vocabularies ranging from controlled vocabularies, such as EuroVoc and the authority tables, to ontologies, including the European Legislation Identifier ontology, and other reference data assets. The aim of the new common site is to facilitate the discovery, access and reuse of EU related vocabularies.

Work on the EU Vocabularies site is still in progress. Amongst others:

  • The fine-tuning of the search results is ongoing.
  • For the moment the site is only available in English, but it will be eventually available in all official EU languages.


C)First operational version of THEMIS / Infringements released

The THEMIS project, aimed at providing an end-to-end management of the full EU law process life-cycle, releases the first operational version of THEMIS / Infringements application. This release is technical and not intended to be deployed in the production environment. It completes the implementation of use cases on:  
“Retrieve infringement dossier”: This technical use case describes the required actions and the web-service call structure to retrieve all metadata and associated documents accessible to an EU country for an entire infringement dossier in a machine-readable format (JSON).

“User management”: This technical use case describes the mechanism and web-service structure to manage EU countries’ users. Actions supported by this web-service are adding, deleting or updating users, defining roles and rights, or re-assigning and delegating cases.

“Notifications & Alerts”: This use case describes the mechanism and web-service structure to retrieve new tasks or data available in the system, allowing either for specific action in the external interface, or automated download procedures for available data.

From the three main functionality blocks composing THEMIS / Infringements, the first operational version covers some core services plus the functionality to manage directives and national measures of execution, as well as the main data structure (infringement) handled by the application.

About THEMIS project

The THEMIS Project is composed of 3 main modulMachine translation for public administrations — eTranslationes:
  • THEMIS / EU Pilot (in operation since Q4 2016)
  • THEMIS / Infringements (1st operational version released, action 2016.01 in scope)
  • THEMIS / Complaints (analysis work ongoing)
Each of these modules focuses on one major part of the EU law processes. THEMIS / EU Pilot covers the pre-litigation dialogue, THEMIS / Infringements covers the management of directives, national measures of execution and infringements and THEMIS / Complaints covers complaints management.
Wednesday, 11 July, 2018


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