Gene Array NHNP cells were exposed to TVEMF and non-waveform growth conditions for 17-21 days. Upon completion of the exposure period, cells were harvested via trypsinization and poly-RNA was prepared from the respective groups of cells. RNA samples were quick frozen and subjected to the Gene Discovery Array from the I.M.A.G.E. Consortium (LLNL) 1 cDNA analysis as described above. The tables below show the results of a survey of the response of over 10,000 human genes. The results are divided into two categories and shown in Tables 5 and 6. Table 5 shows those genes that were down-regulated or suppressed by the TVEMF and Table 6 shows those up-regulated or enhanced in activity by the TVEMF. Analysis of the data indicates a significant down-regulation of about 175 maturation and regulatory genes and up-regulation of about 150 genes associated with growth and cellular proliferation. The down-regulated genes are normally associated with the differentiated or nongrowth profile of normal cells. Table 5 lists the down-regulated genes in descending order. The up-regulated genes are in the main associated with growth and cellular proliferation. Table 6 lists the up-regulated genes in ascending order.



FIGURE 12. 12A shows NHNP cells grown without TVEMF; 128 shows the dramatic difference in the development of neural “tubes” under these conditions.



FIGURE 13. Observe the difference between 13A (untreated) and 13B. Cellular organization changed dramatically with TVEMF exposure in RWV three-dimensional culture.

Before this study, neither two- nor three-dimensional growth of neural cells had been achieved with the positive outcome of enhanced growth and apparent gene regulatory control. The genes in Table 5 were down-regulated by between -1.4 to -2.7 logs. The genes in Table 6 were upregulated by between 1.7 to 8.4 logs. This demonstrates that the results presented are in no manner marginal.


Thomas J. Goodwin, Ph.D.
Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center / 2003

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