Les Aromates.

Je t’implore Océan, père dont l’origine est immortelle, père des dieux éternels et des hommes, qui environnes de tes replis les immenses contours de la terre. C’est de toi que viennent tous les fleuves et les flots de la mer ; c’est dans ton sein que croissent en foule les écueils. Écoute-moi, dieu illustre, purificateur des immortels, fin de la terre, bornes extrêmes du monde, je t’en prie, regarde d’un oeil favorable tous les prêtres qui t’invoquent.


Ὠκεανοῦ, θυμίαμα ἀρώματα
Ὠκεανὸν καλέω, πατέρ’ ἄφθιτον, αἰὲν ἐόντα,
ἀθανάτων τε θεῶν γένεσιν θνητῶν τ’ ἀνθρώπων,
ὃς περικυμαίνει γαίης περιτέρμονα κύκλον
ἐξ οὗπερ πάντες ποταμοὶ καὶ πᾶσα θάλασσα
καὶ χθόνιοι γαίης πηγόρρυτοι ἰκμάδες ἁγναί.
κλῦθι, μάκαρ, πολύολβε, θεῶν ἅγνισμα μέγιστον,
τέρμα φίλον γαίης, ἀρχὴ πόλου, ὑγροκέλευθε,
ἔλθοις εὐμενέων μύσταις κεχαρημένος αἰεί.


ALL’OCEANO profumo di aromi.

Invoco Oceano, l’incorruttibile Padre che sempre esiste, origine degli dèi immortali e degli uomini mortali, che della terra circonda il circoscritto cerchio e da cui nascono tutti i fiumi ed ogni mare 5 e i casti umori delle fonti terrestri. Ascolta, o beato e felice, inizio del polo, equoreo nume, vieni agli iniziati sempre benigno e caro.

The Fumigation from AROMATICS

OCEAN I call, whose nature ever flows,
From whom at first both Gods and men arose;
Sire incorruptible, whose waves surround,  3
And earth’s concluding mighty circle bound:

p. 220

Hence every river, hence the spreading sea, 5
And earth’s pure bubbling fountains spring from thee:
Hear, mighty fire, for boundless bliss is thine,
Whose waters purify the pow’rs divine:
Earth’s friendly limit, fountain of the pole,
Whose waves wide spreading and circumfluent roll.
Approach benevolent, with placid mind,
And be for ever to thy mystics kind.


219:3 LXXXII. Ver. 3.] Whose waves surround, &c. Gesner well observes, that this opinion of the ocean surrounding the earth, is exceeding ancient. see his Præl. i. de Navigationibus vet. § I.


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