IO– ΙΩ–ИО (3)

(being continued from 27/06/15)

THE IO VOLCANO OBSERVER (IVO) FOR DISCOVERY 2015. A. S. McEwen1, E. P. Turtle2, and the IVO team*, 1LPL, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ USA. 2JHU/APL, Laurel, MD USA.







About sooteris kyritsis

Job title: (f)PHELLOW OF SOPHIA Profession: RESEARCHER Company: ANTHROOPISMOS Favorite quote: "ITS TIME FOR KOSMOPOLITANS(=HELLINES) TO FLY IN SPACE." Interested in: Activity Partners, Friends Fashion: Classic Humor: Friendly Places lived: EN THE HIGHLANDS OF KOSMOS THROUGH THE DARKNESS OF AMENTHE
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