NEKRA THALATTA : IN THE CAVES OF QUMRAN A STEEP AND RUGGED ASCENT TO PLATO’S CAVE (D) – The War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness v


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4QFl0rilegium (4Q174 [4QF10r])

Frags. 1 – 3 col. 1 2Sam j:10 1 [«And] an enemy [will trouble him no mo]re, [nor  will] the son of iniquity [afflict him again] as at the beginning. From the day on  which 2 [I established judges] over my people, Israel». This (refers to) the house  which [they will establish] for [him] in the last days, as is written in the book  of 3 [Moses: Exod 15:17-18 «A temple of the Lord] will you establish with your hands, Y H W H shall reign for ever and ever». This (refers to) the house into  which shall never enter 4 […] either the Ammonite, or the Moabite, or the  Bastard, or the foreigner, or the proselyte, never, because there [he will reveal]  to the holy ones; 5 eternal [glory] will appear over it for ever; foreigners shall  not again lay it waste as they laid waste, at the beginning, 6 the tem[ple of  Is]rael for its sins. And he commanded to build for himself a temple of man,
to offer him in it, 7 before him, the works of thanksgiving. And as for what he  said to David: 2Sam7.11 «I shall obtain for you rest from all your enemies»:

(it  refers to this,) that he will obtain for them rest from all 8 the sons of Belial,
those who make them fall, to destr[0y them for their s]ins, when they come  with the plans of Belial to make the s[0ns of] g light fall, and to plot against  them wicked plans so that they are trapped by Belial in their guilty error. Blank  10 And 2Sam 7:12-14 « Y H W H de[c1ares] to you that he will build you a house. I  will raise up your seed after you and establish the throne of his kingdom 11 [for  ev]er. I will be a father to him and he will be a son to me.» This (refers to the)  «branch of David», who will arise with the Interpreter of the law who 12 [will  rise up] in Zi[0n in] the last days, as it is written: Amos g: 11 «I will raise up the
hut of David which has fallen», This (refers to) «the hut of 13 David which has fallen», who will arise to save Israel. Blank 14 Midrash of «Blessed the man who  does not walk in the counsel of the wicked».

The interpretation of this sa[ying:
they are those who turn] aside from the path [of the wicked,] 15 as it is written  in the book of Isaiah, the prophet, for the last days: Isa 8:11 «And it happened  that with a strong [hand he turned me aside from walking on the path of] 16 this
people». And this (refers to) those about whom it is written in the book of  Ezekiel, the prophet, that Ez 44:10 «[they should] not [defile themselves any  more with all] 17 their filth». This (refers to) the sons of Zadok and to the men
of his council, those who seek jus[tice] eagerly, who will come after them to the  council of the community. 18Ps2:1 [«Why do] the nations [become agitated] and  the peoples plo[t] nonsense? [The kings of the earth [ag]ree [and the ru]1ers
conspire together against Y H W H and against 1g [his anointed one».
Interpretation of the saying: [the kings of the na]ti0ns [become agitated and  conspire against] the elect of Israel in the last days.

Frags. 1 – 3 col. π 1 It is the time of trial which c0[mes …] Judah to complete  […]2 Belial, and a remnant will remain […] for the lot, and they shall put into  practice all the law […] 3 Moses; it is […] as is written in the book of Daniel,
the prophet: Dan 12:32 «The wicked [act wickedly…] 4a and the just [.. .shall be  whi]tened and refined and a people knowing God will remain strong […] 4 …  […] after […] which is for them [ . . . ] 5 […] in his descent […]  Frag. 4 1 […] those who devour the offspring of 2 [.. .fu]ri0us against them in  his zeal 3 […] This (refers) to the time when Belial will open 4 […] for the
house of Judah difficulties to bear resentment 5 […] and he will seek with all  his might to scatter them 6 […] he will bring them in to be 7 [… to Ju]dah and  to Israel […]

4QTestim0nia (4Q175 [4QTest])
1 And *»** spoke to Moses saying: Dt 3:28-29 «You have heard the sound of the  words 2 of this people, what they said to you: all they have said is right. 3 If  (only) it were given to me (that) they had this heart to fear me and keep all 4 my   precepts all the days, so that it might go well with them and their sons for  ever!» 5 Dt 18:18-19 «I would raise up for them a prophet from among their  brothers, like you, and place my words 6 in his mouth, and he would tell them  all that I command them. And it will happen that the man 7 who does not listen  to my words, that the prophet will speak in my name, 18 shall require a reckoning  from him.» Blank 9 And he uttered his poem and said: Num 24:15-17 «Oracle  of Balaam, son of Beor, and oracle of the man 10 of penetrating eye, oracle of  him who listens to the words of God and knows the knowledge of the Most  High, of one who 11 sees the vision of Shaddai, who falls and opens the eye. I  see him, but not now, 12 I espy him, but not close up. A star has departed from
Jacob, / a n d / a sceptre /has arisen/ from Israel.

He shall crush 13 the temples  of Moab, and cut to pieces all the sons of Sheth.» Blank 14 And about Levi he  says: Dt 33:8-11 «Give to Levi your Thummtm and your Urim, to your pious man,
whom 15 you tested at Massah, and with whom you quarrelled about the waters  of Meribah, /he who/ said to his father {…} 16 {…} and to his mother ‘1 have  not known you5, and did not acknowledge his brothers, and his son did not   17 know. For he observed your word and kept your covenant. /They have  made/ your judgments /shine/ for Jacob, ;Sour law for Israel, they have placed   incense before your face and a holocaust upon your altar. 19 Bless, »***, his  courage and accept with pleasure the work of his hand! Crush /the loins/ of  his adversaries, and those who hate him, 20 may they not rise!» Blank 21 Blank At  the moment when Joshua finished praising and giving thanks with his psalms,22 he said Jos 6:26 «Cursed be the man who rebuilds this city! Upon his firstborn  33 will he found it, and upon his benjamin will he erect its gates!» And   now / a n / accursed /man/, one of Belial, 24 has arisen to be a fowler5s trap for  his people and ruin for all his neighbours. 25 […] will arise, to be the two instruments  of violence. And they will rebuild 26 [this city and ere]ct for it a  rampart and towers, to make it into a fortress of wickedness 27 [a great evil] in  Israel, and a horror in Ephraim and Judah. 28[.. .And they wi]11 commit a profanation
in the land and a great blasphemy among the sons of 29 [… And they  will shed b10]0d like water upon the ramparts of the daughter of Sion and in  the precincts of 30 Jerusalem.

4QAramaic Apocalypse (4Q246)
Col. ι /[…] settled upon him and he fell before the throne 2 […] eternal king.
You are angry and your years 3 […] they will see you, and all shall come for  ever. 4 […] great, oppression will come upon the  earth5 […] and great slaughter  in the city 6 […] king of Assyria and of Egypt 7 […] and he will be great  over the earth א[. ..] they will do, and all will serve 9 […] great will he be called  and he will be designated by his name.
Col. II ; He will be called son of God, and they will call him son of the Most  High. Like the sparks 2 of a vision, so will their kingdom be; they will rule  several years over 3 the earth and crush everything; a people will crush another   people, and a city another city. 4 Blank Until the people of God arises and  makes everyone rest from the sword. 5 His kingdom will be an eternal kingdom,
and all his paths in truth and uprightness]. 6 T h e earth (will be) in truth  and all will make peace. The sword will cease in the earth, 7 and all the cities  will pay him homage. He is a great god among the gods (?). 8 He will make war
with him; he will place the peoples in his hand and cast away everyone before  him. His kingdom will be an eternal kingdom, and all the abysses

4QF0ur Kingdoms” (4Q552)

Frag. 1 col. ι /[…] Which 2 […] of 3 […]… 4 [ . . . ]5 […] the light of the angels  who were 6 […] he told them what would happen. Blank All 7 […] he has the  strength of the seas. Blank This « [ . . . ] Blank And he said to me: Oh King, since  Blank thus 9 […] how was everything made? They arose 10 […] He spoke to  them and explained to them according to the interpretation 11 […] and their  lords will be destroyed for them.
Frag. 1 col. 11 1 Dawn rose and the four trees […] 2 A tree rose up and they  turned away from it. And he said [to me:.. .Of what] 3 species is it? And I said:
How will I see and understand this? [And I saw] 4 a tree of fragrances. […]  5 And I asked: What is your name? And he answered me: Babel. [And I said to  him:] 6 You are the one who rules over Persia. And [I saw another tree] 7 Blank  [He who was be]10w us swore by […] and said 8 that he was different (?). And  1 asked him: What is your na[me? And he said to me …] 9 And I said to him:
You are the one who [rules over … and over] 10 the powers of the sea, and over  the market [… And I saw] 11 a third tree, and I said to him: [What is your name  And he said to me …] 12 Your vision […]
Frag. 1 col. HI »[…] destroyed. And I said to him: He is the one who […] from  2 […] … […] And I saw […] 3-8 [ . . . ] 9 […] they will rejoice 10 […] the vision  11 […] … the word 12 […] which will escape  Frag. 2 9 […] the lord […] 10 […] God Most High not […] 11 […] which there  is above them, and . . . [ . . . ] 12 […] the lord of all, he who establishes judges […]

4QF0ur Kingdoms (4Q553)

Frag. 6 col. ι 2 [ . . . ] . . . my hand 3 […] for this I will go 4 […] And he said to me:
in the kingdom5 […] … to rebel, and when there is (?) 6 […] … Frag. 6 col. 11 2 […] to him. And the trees rose up 3 and turned away [from him  …] Blank And I said: How will I see and understand 4 this? And I saw [… And  I asked: What is] your name? And he answered me: Babel. Blank And I said to  him: You 5 are [the one who rules over Persia. And I saw] another tree. And I  asked him and said to him: What 6 is your name? [And he said to me…] Frag. 8 col. 1 / [ . . . ] all joy 2 […] from Moses3 […] in the place where 4 […] …so that it is called 5 […] with the name of  Frag. 8 col. 11 ; the markets (?) and over [ . . . ] 2 the power of the strength […]
3 their knowledge […] 4 to me three […]

11QMe1chizedek (11Q13 [1iQMe1ch])

Col. π 1 […] your God … […] 2 […] And as for what he said: Lev25:13 «In this  year of jubilee, [you shall return, each one, to his respective property», as is  written: Dt 15:2 «This is] 3 the manner (of effecting) the [release: every creditor  shall release what he lent [to his neighbour. He shall not coerce his neighbour  or his brother when] the release for God [has been proclaimed]». 4 [Its  in t e r p r e t a t i o n for the last days refers to the captives, about whom he said: Isa  61:1 «To proclaim liberty to the captives.» And he will make 5 their rebels prisoners  […] and of the inheritance of Melchizedek, for […] and they are the
inheritance of Melchi]zedek, who 6 will make them return . He will proclaim   liberty for them, to free them from [the debt] of all their iniquities. And this  will [happen] 7 in the first week of the jubilee which follows the ni[ne] jubilees.
And the day [of at0nem]ent is the end of the tenth jubilee 8 in which atonement  will be made for all the sons of [God] and for the men of the lot of Melchizedek.
[And on the heights] he will decla[re in their] favour according to their  lots; for 9 it is the time of the «year of grace» for  Melchizedek, to exa[1t in the  tri]al the holy ones of God through the rule of judgment, as is written 10 about  him in the songs of David, who said: ft 82:1 «Elohim will stand up in the  assem[bly of God,] in the midst of the gods he judges». And about him he said:
ft 7:5-9 «Above it u return to the heights, God will judge the peoples». As for  what he sa[id: ft 82:2 «How long will yo]u judge unjustly and show partiality to  the wicked? Selah.» 12 Its interpretation concerns Belial and the spirits of his  lot, who were rebels [all of them] turning aside from the commandments of  God [to commit evil.] 13 But, Melchizedek will carry out the vengeance of
God, s judgements [on this day, and they shall be freed from the hands] of  Belial and from the hands of all the sp[irits of his lot.] 14 To his aid (shall come)  all «the gods of [justice»; he] is the one [who will prevail on this day over] all the  sons of God, and he will pre[side over] this [assembly.] 15 This is the day of  [peace about which God] spoke [of old through the words of Isa]iah the  rophet, who said: Isa 32:7 «How beautiful 16 upon the mountains are the feet   of the messenger who announces peace, of the mess[enger of good who announces  salvation,] saying to Zion: ‘your God [reigns.»] 17 Its interpretation:
The mountains are the pr0[phets …]18 And the messenger is [the an0]inted of  the spirit about whom Dan[iel] spoke [… and the messenger of] 1g good who  announces salv[ation is the one about whom it is written that [he will send him  Isa 61:2-3 «to c0mf0[rt the afflicted, to watch over the afflicted ones of Zion».]
20 «To comfo[rt the afflicted», its interpretation:] to instruct them in all the ages  of the w0rl[d…] 21 in truth. […] 22 […] it has been turned away from Belial  and it […] 23 […] in the judgments of God, as is written about him:

Isa 52:7 
«Saying to Zion: ‘your God rules5». [«Z1]0n» is 24 [the congregation of all the  sons of justice, those] who establish the covenant, those who avoid walking [on  the pa]th of the people. «Your God» is 25 [… Melchizedek, who will fr]ee  [them] from the hand of Belial. And as for what he said: Lev 25.g «You shall  blow the hor[n in every] land».
Col. Ill 1 [Its interpretation …]2 and you know […]3 God […] ^and many […]  3 […] … […] Melchizedek [ . . . ]6 the law for them […] the hand […] and he will announce […] 7 they shall devour Belial with fire […] Belial, and they shall  rebel […]<? the desires of their hearts [ . . . ] . . . [ . . . ] 9 the ramparts of Judah […]  the ramparts of Jerusalem…] 10-20 (minute traces.)



The Qumran Texts in English By Florentino García Martínez

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