A)Oil-Gate: New Facts Diabolical

"How to destroy the Gulf of Mexico and at the same time make billions in the Cap and Trade racket."

"We must never let a good crisis go to waste"  Rahm Emmanuel, White House Chief of Staff and Israeli citizen.  

Forget your political wing because no matter who you are, you cannot be rooting for the death of the Mexican Gulf and Southern Seaboard of the United States. Given the beauty and rare diversity of Gulf wildlife and fisheries as well as its delicate relationship with our special wetlands–home to some of the rarest species on Earth–it’s hard to believe anyone would seek to purposely harm such an environment—and yet the facts prove this is exactly what happened.

Let’s start at the beginning.

On April 20, 2010 BP’s “Deepwater Horizon” oil well at about a 5,000 foot depth in the Gulf of Mexico situated about 40 miles southeast of Louisiana’s coast suffered a blow out resulting in bringing down the drilling platform. The result was the immediate spillage of 20 million gallons of crude (stored on the rig) and a deep underwater oil well pumping over 90,000 barrels of oil into the ocean daily. (1, 11, 13, 14).

The oil still flows because the emergency “preventer” valve is stuck open and cannot be repaired or otherwise made to shut. And there were no fail safe requirements set in place by the federal government and its permit processing (even for deep water where highly specialized equipment is required for simple or mundane access and control–safety equipment not owned by either BP or the USA).

After news of the environmental disaster broke, retired American engineer Joe Smyth (a man who has blasted away hundreds of thousands of cubic yards of dirt and rock in his past) quickly calculated and designed a solution toward saving the environment, as well as BP’s long-term investments and the inevitable political fallout for the federal government. (4) Smyth forwarded the information to BP on April 27th, and later to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. (4) Within days, a BP engineer contacted Smyth to compare notes.

In his initial letter to BP, Smyth reported:

“With cooperation between BP and their ‘Deep Water Technology’ and our military with their weapons technology, it would be a matter of days to produce a sophisticated explosive device for placement at the well head.” (5)

This will keep anymore oil from spilling into the ocean, he later said. (4)

Therefore, we now know a proven solution to preventing any further oil spilling into the Gulf was in the hands of BP within 7 days of the initial spill. And according to the Smyth proposal, a solution could have been deployed within a few days. Hence, the oil spilling into the Gulf since about May 1st was all preventable—which means, essentially, that the environment could have been kept nearly clean by comparison to today’s ongoing spill contamination—it means this extended catastrophe was essentially preventable by simply invoking emergency damage control measures.

These facts suggest BP acted in a criminally negligent manner and is continuing to do so. It is also suggests that BP is engaged in a conspiracy to commit insurance fraud, among a long list of other potential criminal violations.

However, BP is not the only culpable party—most of the blame actually falls to the Obama Administration by fact of authority, leadership, and access to needed solution tools—none of which are under BP’s control.

The Smyth solution was to encase a non-nuclear warhead aka ultra-high-explosive (i.e. Bunker Buster) in a deep sea pressurized protected case, lower it to the bottom of the sea bed near the current oil hole, and set it off, thus sealing the well hole permanently. (4)

The solution concept is not innovative but already proven by Russian experience with such deep water or otherwise inaccessible oil spills.

Komsomoloskaya Pravda, the best-selling Russian daily, reports that in Soviet times such leaks were plugged with controlled nuclear blasts. The idea is simple, KP writes: “the underground explosion moves the rock, presses on it, and, in essence, squeezes the well’s channel,” reported Julia Ioffe in the Moscow Diaries. (2)

Smyth said essentially the same thing but also added…

“The immense ocean pressure will also shove all the surrounding mud and debris on the crater walls down into the new blast hole, which will also work to seal the oil channel… we don’t need nuclear muscle now because the US military already has conventional explosives many times more powerful than those available during the Russian crises, when they really had no other choice,” said Smyth. “There will be a little environmental damage in the immediate blast area but nothing in comparison to a prolonged oil spill.” (4)

To affect the Smyth solution, the US Navy would have to step in under emergency authority brought by President Obama. The Navy has both the explosives and ability to encase them in a high-pressure container to get the bomb to the depths required.

If needed in quickstep action, the Navy could achieve the procuring, encasement, deployment and ignition of the bomb within 72 hours, if not 36 hours or less, given that it already possesses everything needed and has proven itself over and again as capable of great speed in an emergency.

What is missing is the one key thing that would allow it all to happen—a presidential order! An order that has not come in over a month—and we must ask why? For the president admitted on May 27th that his office had been fully informed of all aspects and potential solutions since the spill and was completely in charge—fully responsible. (9)

Therefore, given the president knew of the solution and failed to exercise his authority to stop the spill, we have to ask why? Here we are on June 7th (Day 49) and still no bomb to seal the well, so why? What could be his motivation to keep the spill flowing? And the answer, unremarkably, is an ancient motive—pure greed!

Understanding Big Oil Motives
Most of us do not think in terms such as if “Event A” happens, it can help “Event B or C” to happen in terms of politics or capitalism but high level politicians and business executive do as a matter of routine. They are always assessing and calculating, looking for ways to turn loss into win (spin) and in this case, do so by harming taxpayers, the Earth and ocean, and millions of fish and animals—some endangered and irreplaceable. And the American people and the news media appear more than willing to be played as dupes, refusing to believe or investigate hard realities that could lead to, likely, the ultimate impeaching and jailing of their president, let alone oil executives who are made to bear all the scapegoat blame.

Getting a company like BP to go along with a prolonged oil spill is simple when it will add to their profit line to do so.

First, blowing the wellhead and sealing the well means BP would have to start over—a multi-billion dollar investment lost. Yet, keeping everything in place, allowing the oil to spill, and bringing in a new drilling platform to re-establish the connection and salvage the investment makes great financial sense for BP—not so great for the environment but then business greed never does (and that’s why we’re suppose to have government oversight, which normally works until the crooks run government, too).

The issue of environmental clean up is negligible to BP because that’s what they pay insurance premiums for—clean-up or damage costs are not shoved onto BP but instead to insurance underwriters and spill trust funds. The key for BP is to affect damage control to the company and appear as though everything that can be done is being done so the insurance companies will pay off and the public will be pacified. Then get the new rig in place and start gathering up the oil they sought in the first place.

These are all normal aspects of big business and executive thinking—it is the very sort of raw capitalism that marked the turn of the 20th Century and started a long citizen fight toward reforms that have all but been stripped away now. Yet this is not the big picture, not by a long shot, especially when politics and billions in illicit profits stand in the balance.

Kill An Otter, Scam Billions When Public Screams Anti-Oil
On Day 45 of the event, Senator John Vitter of Louisiana was critical of the entire BP and federal government response to the Gulf-spill.

“The only thing the federal government has done is throw up road blocks,” said Vitter (R. Louisiana) (12)

Meanwhile, reporters like Sean Hannity are now showing reels of the White House pushing “green” cap-in-trade scams over emergency responses to the spill—showing the president spending more time playing golf than working to fix the spill.

In the mean time, most Americans do not realize that the mechanisms for processing “cap-and-trade” have already been created and are merely awaiting a new law to begin the process of reaping billions of scam dollars off US citizens and businesses. It is considered by researchers as the single largest scam proposal in US history. And now it’s a political motive for keeping a deepwater oil spill flowing and killing sea life and animals such as otters, dolphins, mantas, and pelicans, just to name a few.

The foundational story begins with a so called “green” concept that is meant to confuse and trick most Americans—a concept proven failed in Europe already.

Cap-and-trade — what is it? It’s the trading of puffs of air. Company A pollutes more than Company B. Company A must pay a fine, which is transferred to Company B, who earns a credit. The companies continue to pollute the exact same way, it just costs Company A more and Company B gets rewarded… It’s scam. It’s like being at the beach and selling people a bucket of saltwater. –Glenn Beck (6)

Who will broker all the cap-and-trade certificates to keep American companies in legal compliance—why the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX), of course. And who will ultimately pay all the costs—US consumers and taxpayers as higher prices are passed along. And who are the major stockholders who stand to transition from stockholder losers to massive windfall winners as CCX stockholders, or those who own stocks in other companies that own CCX stocks?
• Barack and Michelle Obama
• Al Gore (Generation Investment Management)
• Senator John Kerry (major political broker of cap-in-trade)
• Bill and Hillary Clinton
• Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley
• David Blood (Former CEO of Goldman Sachs Asset Management)
• Maurice Strong (central figure on United Nations oil-for-food scandal)
• Franklin Raines (The guy that ran Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac into dumper and who ensured exclusive rights for CCX)
• Joel Rogers (head of Emerald Cities, Apollo Alliance)
• Gerald Hudson (SEIU)
• And many more in or near the White House Administration. (6, 7, 8, 10)

Understanding Diabolical Politics
If you are a so called “green environmentalist” then what better catastrophe could there be than one that is so devastating as to fully engage public outrage? A small oil spill would never do the trick, but kill endangered mantas in the Everglades and show pictures of dolphins with bellies full of oil after a prolonged and massive oil spill, and the political climate shifts dramatically into your favor—easily beguiled Americans will then swallow any bait you feed them in their anger—even a new cap-and-trade law that will not help the environment one bit but will merely appear to do so—all while you and your cohorts rake billions off the top—all ultimately paid for by the very voters you manipulated and duped by destroying their prized environment.

Today, a bill requiring cap-in-trade that was once seen as dead is now suddenly being brought back to life by folks like John Kerry and other Dems and groups who stand to rake in billions. Do they discuss government’s role in the spill? No, they blame “big oil” and push what amounts to a criminally conceived cap-in-trade scam bill on a public too ignorant of the facts to know they’re being tricked.

A cunning and diabolical political strategist might have foreseen such a possibility, having invested tens of millions in preparing for cap-in-trade only to see it in jeopardy until such a disaster could rear its head—the political timing of such an event seems uncanny, to say the least—as if the oil rig itself could sense a higher purpose… that cap-in-trade was on a precipice and its own suicide into the deep sea would prove convenient toward saving such a noble objective–yeah right!

And given all these facts and realities, is it now so far fetched when we hear those on the Far Right conjecturing the Deep Horizon platform may have been deliberately sabotaged—makes one wonder if a full, impartial, international investigation is not called for here?

In all cases, we now know for fact that the President of the United States is duplicitous and not otherwise incompetent on this issue—instead, fully responsible for the world’s largest environmental catastrophe; and all in the name of hidden greed.

This event now has earned the name Oil-Gate and the president no longer has a legitimate claim to credibility—especially on matters pertaining to the environment—no matter how he spins it in the future.

Only time and top journalistic or police investigation will find the absolute truth in all of this but so far, the smoking gun is clearly in the hand of a president with diabolical motives!

And as a lover of the environment, I feel sick to my stomach in having to report such harsh realities—for nobody of sound moral and ethical mind–no American patriot–regardless of political views, can see this revelation as anything but shameful to all Americans, regardless party lines—for we put a diabolical criminal mind in control of our White House and mislaid our trust only to convey irreversible damage to our nation, ocean and planet—and we, as a nation collective, owe a great apology to the world!

And we owe it to ourselves to get this illness fully exposed, those responsible fully prosecuted and removed from their positions or offices, and do it with God’s Speed And Grace.

Xelan Bonn, MBA, is a highly seasoned freelance journalist and past president of nonpartisan Patriot Union of America (and past Editor-in-Chief of PUA News), as well as past contributor to one time White House and Congressional think tank, Patriot Society. He has numerous original breaking new stories to his credit that have later been followed extensively by the mainstream press.


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(14) There are generally 42 gallons per barrel of oil.

Note: There are many traditional methods of controlling the spill but nearly all have their own risks and complications (such as drilling relief wells), however, the only proven method for ensuring an end to the spillage is by blowing the well and crushing the drillholes and concrete sleeves within through a major geological shift event. Otherwise, traditional cures could take from 2 months to a full year to install, depending upon variables such as weather, equipment, success rates, etc. And each day of delay adds up to 90,000 barrels of oil to the environment.


B)From The Heart Of The World – The Elder Brothers Warning

A BBC TV production in association with the Goldsmith Foundation.

The Kogi are an indigenous people living in the Sierra Nevada

de Santa Marta mountains of northern Colombia, in South America.

They are the only civilisation to have survived the Spanish conquests and to have kept their individuality.

They are perhaps the only indigenous people in the world who, because of the particular nature of their surroundings,

have been able to keep themselves apart and sustain their culture inviolate. And not only that.

The one anthropologist who managed to study them in the 1940’s and 50’s concluded that

though they are similar in some ways to the other Indian peoples around the Caribbean,

northern Central America and south to the Andes,

there are such profound differences that "in the end the Kogi stand alone".

They have survived to this day, keeping their traditions and relying upon, and looking after, the mountain environment.

They believe it is their duty to look after the mountain which they call "The Heart of the World".

They call themselves the Elder Brother and refer to the new- comers as the Younger Brother,

who they believe is destroying the balance of the world.

In 1990 the Kogi decided they must speak out to the rest of the world.

They had survived by keeping themselves isolated but they decided that it was time to send a message to the Younger Brother.

They could see that something was wrong with their mountain, with the heart of the world.

The snows had stopped falling and the rivers were not so full.

If their mountain was ill then the whole world was in trouble.



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