The one who loves fame, money, power, authority, pleasure…or even a father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister, friend…more than Jesus, he is not worthy of Him. The one who does not follow His steps and walk in the road of the cross does not deserve Him.(Matt. 10:37,38) Jesus Christ urged and advised, “If any one desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me.”(Matt. 16:24) Therefore, the true faithful is to follow the example of Jesus in practice and behavior, in deed and speech. When the believer denies himself, values his soul, is born again and carries the cross of salvation, the Holy Spirit will guide him, the grace of Jesus will enrich him, and in addition, he will be resurrected with Him for incorruption and immortality.

The shadow of the cross falls upon all the Christian services and daily life. The cross demands the life of self-denial, sacrifice and perfect love. Christian services undertake, for God’s will and purposes, the good of the Word display and the legal benefits and rights of all the human beings on earth in all ages. Christian services carry the cross of strife and sacrifice in all circumstances and times, in gladness and sadness, in peace and war, in rest and disaster, in fullness and need, in success and failure, in justice and injustice, in hope and despair, in comfort and fear…as the apostles, disciples and early believers did.

The cross is not an offense or mere physical sorrow, pain and death. The cross is the light of Jesus Christ within the believer. It is His burning love in the Faithfull’s heart. It is the way to salvation, joy and everlasting life. Cross bearing means relationship and fellowship with Christ, living humbly and holy without selfishness, jealousy, hypocrisy and enmity, and doing good and defeating the wicked.

Self-worldly desires, benefits, interests and lusts contradict God’s plans, will and Word. Moreover, they form obstacles for self-denial, which is a road to the cross.

The blood of the cross will not wash those who refuse it, and do not repent; consequently, they will live with the bondage of sin, tears, bitterness and damnation. However, those who have fellowship with Christ, carry His cross and deny themselves will have the privilege to enjoy Him and inherit all the blessings and glorious promises.

Self-denial and the faith in the cross are valuable and essential in the human life for they lead people from the law of forest to love and cooperation, they move them from the case of pain and inconvenience to hope, smiling and gladness; meanwhile they connect people also to future of splendor. Self-denial is the supreme show of obedience and love for God. It is the case of following Christ, and a fundamental rule of admission into His doctrine, consequently it is Christ acknowledging the faithful and guiding him to the life of eternity. It is a gate to wide and real co-living with co-benefits among the human beings. Self-denial is self-sacrifice, wise acting and abstention from worldly ungodly pleasures. It perceives virtue and morality, achieves high spiritual life, and brings inner peace and holiness of heart. It is an actual, firm and continued ministry that

serves God’s glory, shows love and good to others, then performs humbleness, and cultivates truly, benevolent minds.

In conclusion, Satan is Man’s enemy and the real offence unto him. The wrestling and the battle of man is against the powers of wickedness, the darkness of the ages and the strength of principalities. (Eph. 6:12) The base is that Jesus stated; “For what profits it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul.” (Matt. 10; 37)

The doctrine of Jesus is simply the law of Life for salvation. Therefore, the believer is to assert and proclaim it as his life main principle. The Lord will direct his steps and strengthen his perseverance. He is to aim on the Scriptures, logic and reason. In the end, the faithful will gain the crown of life and righteousness and the happiness of his soul in addition to the inheritance of glory, eternity and everlasting life. (Jam.1:12 & 2 Tim. 4:8) Amen.

Elder kamal Akkari

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