Man’s soul is his spiritual immortal part.   It is the breath of life that God put in his body. (Gen. 1:7)   It separates from Man’s body at his earthly death.   It does not vanish with the body.   Therefore, the loss of the soul is the loss of the everlasting life.   Consequently, what profits Man wins if he loses his soul, which is his real actual spiritual life!

The soul is lost when it is separated from the good, light and righteousness to the evil, darkness and wickedness.   It is lost when it goes far from the will, grace, mercy, love of God and His commandments; and sinks in His wrath and disobedience, in curse and sin.   Therefore, Man’s soul is more important and precious than the “dark” pleasures and lusts of the present world.

The gaining of this world is the losing of the soul, consequently the everlasting life; this is the true equation and balance.   Man’s loss of pleasures ad comforts for Christ may be replaced in the present world in addition; the loss of the earthly life and joy shall be made up in the world to come.    Man has two choices to choose: life and death, the blessing and the curse.   Jesus said, “For whoever desires to save his life will lose it.” (Matt. 1:25)   The one who loves the worldly life will lose the spiritual life.   The one who puts himself away from dark life for Jesus his soul will survive and will have very joyful life “but whoever loses his life for My (Jesus Christ) sake will find it.” (Matt. 16:25)   If the believer looks behind, he sees his earthly perishable life, but when he looks forward, he finds his incorruptible inheritance, which will never fade and vanish.   Those who lose their souls lose this heavenly inheritance and eternal life in addition sorrow and chains of darkness surround them.

Actions of wickedness, temporary pleasure, wealth, power, authority and selfishness in the present life are not factors to bring real happiness, heartily peace and calmness of conscience.   Where Man’s treasure, desires, wishes, emotions, feelings and actions are, is where he is and where he will be.   When Man focuses on things more than God in this world and when God is not his life center, he should not expect or even dream of eternal joy and God’s grace and loving-kindness.  Self-denial and sacrifice are at the centre of Christianity. They  

form the certain practical way of gaining the life of truth and happiness.   Man who just seeks

his own interest and self-profit will never meet his satisfaction in this world.   He may

gain whatever he wishes in this world but he loses the qualities of the heart and the human feeling and value.

          The ancient Roman Empire conquered and won the world but its soul was lost and its values decayed because lusts and tyranny played a main role to destroy its greatness.

          A person may be educated and civilized but his heart may be barbarian without any human emotion.   Man to purify and renew his heart and self is a thing; to gain the world is another thing.   The present world is full of allurements, lusts, self-desires and temptations.   It contains various forms and styles of power, fame, pleasure and riches.   No one great person however they were his highness and greatness, could gain the whole world with all its contents.   No man ever got and won the whole world but a very small temporary share of what it contains.   Man’s prefect life, however it is long, it will soon come to an end and passes away in addition his soul will return to God, its creator.   All the existing earth will vanish one day, and a new earth of purity will replace it as in Revelation 21:1.   Suppose a person gives his complete heart to the present world and surrenders himself to, in purpose to get utmost profits, will this be equivalent for his soul?   There is not any temporal worldly gain that may be compared to the loss of Man’s soul.   The dying sinner cannot depend on his fame, neither on his power nor on his properties to move his soul to the place of rest, comfort and joy.   He is not able to seek God’s forgiveness and mercy for his perishing soul, which is in the prison of darkness when he is ignoring God and disregarding His Word ,love, plans and laws.


          Dear friends:

          The sense of mere “flesh and blood” is different from the values of spirituality and the sense of “faith, hope and love”.  

          Every real pure profit is gained by giving up the world and taking up the cross.   In addition, every truth is lost by refusing God’s Word and love and being far from.  

          The actual damage and disaster is the loss of the soul, not the loss of the actions of the lusts of the present world.     


Elder Kamal Akkari


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