God’s goodness is Man’s important inimitable foundational truth; as it God’s own glorious, true and genuine attribute, character and nature.

            God is the Good in and by His essence.  Goodness can’t be separated from God.  He is absolutely, eternally, infinitely, originally, fully and abundantly Good.

            No goodness exists without Him because all goodness is in Him.  God’s goodness is derived by Him.  He is the source and fountain of all goodness.  God’s goodness is communicative, diffusive, boundless and without limits, measures or ends.  It is the creative principle which endures for ever.  “The goodness of God endures continually.” (Ps.52:1)

            In the beginning when God created the creation “He saw that it was good.”(Gen. Chap.1)

Everything He created is good, in order and in harmony. David said, “Good and upright is the Lord.” (Ps.25:8)  Jesus said, “No one is good but One, that is, God.” (Matt.19:16,17) And James said, “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights.” (Ja.1:17)

            But what is (Good) or (Goodness) in this sense and aspect?

            Good or Goodness is the absence of sin, evilness, darkness and ugliness.  It is the case where and when trouble, worry, fear, sorrow, pain, discomfort, illness, difficulty, failure, ignorance, poverty, disaster, loss, spirit of conspiracy, inconvenience…are not in existence.

God’s goodness is life-transforming truth.

            God’s goodness is evident in the Gospel of Jesus Christ which is the “Good News”.

God’s goodness refers to His perfection, righteousness, holiness, justice, beauty, wisdom, love, compassion, forgiveness, grace, generous blessings, comfort, care protection…

God’s goodness manifests that He is the Father, the ultimate Producer and Author of light and life.  He fills the universe with light and life.  All things exist and are found by His will.

God’s goodness proclaims His mercies, loving-kindness and faithfulness which will never fail. “His mercy endures for ever.” (Ps.136:1 & 25:8)  In all circumstances God keeps His promises to the believers “His compassion fail not.. Great is Your faithfulness”, (La.3:22,23) and “All have come to pass for you: not one word ..has failed” (Josh. 23:14)

Life is a free gift of God. He is always at work to make beautiful living things and to make them to live and move.  God can’t exist without doing good.  He never neglects and ceases. Therefore; life continues and never ceases to be.  If God were to cease and stop from working even for a moment, all things will be in disorder and vanish away.

God’s goodness is His glory visible in His creation.

            God is pleased and delights in His creatures and He acts for their profit and welfare.

God’s goodness extends to all the works of His hand.  God’s goodness organizes and governs the universe and earth.  God’s goodness is obvious in His care over all creatures and His preservation of all things. “O lord. Thou preserve Man and beast.” (Ps. 36:6; 65:9,10; 107:35,36) And He is the “strength of our life.” (Ps. 27:1)

“The earth is full of His riches.” (Ps. 104:24)  God’s goodness is rich in grace (Ep. 1:7), in mercy (Ep.2:4) and in supplying Man things to enjoy, needs and power. (Ph. 4:19, 1Tim.6:17& Ep. 3;16)

God’s goodness through His love saves the sinful people from subjection and submission to evilness and temptations of Satan who operates in their life.  And it leads them to repentance, redemption action, salvation and eternal joy. (2 Cor. 7:9,10) 

God’s goodness is proved and expressed in giving His Son who purchased Man and the world by His precious blood shed on Calvary. (Jh. 3:16 &  Heb.1:3)

God grants Man the potential seeds of (Good) and Man in his turn is to act to bring the alive things of these seeds into visible existence and shown actions.

God is the fullness, completion and perfection of the Good.

            The Good is only in God who isn’t made or generated, who is incorporeal and immortal, eternal and everlasting “with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning” (Ja. 1:17)

In God alone is the Good, rather, God is the Good.

            Blessed is God, the Good, our light, rock and salvation.  Blessed is His name forever. Amen.                                                                                                           Elder Kamal Accari


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