Tell Cell Phone Companies to Stop Selling Your Phone Records!


Did you know that for around $100, anyone with the desire can acquire a copy of your cell phone records?

It’s almost too scary to believe. Through a practice called "pretexting," unscrupulous companies have taken to calling your cell phone companies, pretending, to be you, in order to glean information about your account and sell it to an interested party.
Take action!

This means that identity thieves, employers, nosey neighbors, political opponents, or abusive spouses can pay for a report of all your ingoing and outcoming calls on your cell phone, or your toll calls from your regular phone. Anyone, without your permission, can view a list of the people you talk to, their phone number, and the length and time of your conversation.

One would think (or at least hope) there would be some sort of security measure in place to protect customers, but cell phone companies rarely check to make sure the person on the other end is you and not an imposter. What’s worse, there are no laws in place to hold cell phone companies accountable for protecting the privacy of your account.

Sign the petition to end this practice!

That’s why Consumer’s Union is calling on Congress to enact legislation that will make it illegal for anyone to buy or sell your phone records, or to pretend to be you in order to get them.     Join Consumer’s Union now to demand that your privacy be protected!

Thanks for your action today.

Lauren A., Care2 Progressive Politics Alerts

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