Few about Kalas

Krakal, Bumburate



  Our dear brothers, Hellenes,

I would like to thank you for this great gift you gave to the Kalas people. It is the first time that our Hellenic brothers think of us. This school will be the beginning of a brighter future for our children. It is the first time that Hellenes step their foot in Central Asia after thousands of years… We would be very happy to accept you in our houses. They will be always open for our Hellenic brothers.

Do not Forget Us

Anis Umar

A Letter from the teacher of Kalas


“The inhabitants of this region are considered descendants of the five great armies of Alexander the Great, that wondered around this area…”  “the Hellenes left their traces here, their villages still carry Hellenic names while their faces still have defined classical Hellenic features”.

Pakistani Travel Guide

That is who we are …an eternal flame my son. We all search our lost ancestors that come and go, but we just cannot leave.. Iskander  (Alexander the Great) told us to wait. He will be back one day… Alexander will be back

A Kalas Elder to the researcher Dimitrios Alexander in Chitral

About sooteris kyritsis

Job title: (f)PHELLOW OF SOPHIA Profession: RESEARCHER Company: ANTHROOPISMOS Favorite quote: "ITS TIME FOR KOSMOPOLITANS(=HELLINES) TO FLY IN SPACE." Interested in: Activity Partners, Friends Fashion: Classic Humor: Friendly Places lived: EN THE HIGHLANDS OF KOSMOS THROUGH THE DARKNESS OF AMENTHE
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