• “It is finished ” or “It has been
    accomplished” was Jesus sixth word on the cross.
       This word was preceded by His utmost suffering as He felt that the Father had forsaken Him.
         In all His deeds, Jesus Christ who appeared as the Messiah was exactly following the  Father’s words and plans. So as a fact and reality, the Father was always with the Son who was accomplishing the  Law and the Prophets step by step. Jesus Christ faced, on the cross and in days before it, His most difficult and painful experience: that of bearing the great anger of God against sin and taking the place of the
    sinful human race.
       God’s wrath seemed to be over because Jesus Christ could conquer  Satan and sin, and triumph on the cross because He fulfilled that which should have been done since the Garden of Eden, when God said to the “Serpent”, that the Woman’s seed shall bruise her head and she shall bruise His heel. (Gen. 3:15).
       Consequently, Jesus, The Woman’s seed, had to sacrifice and suffer, so that He won the glorious victory by saving the saints, the newborn believers, the new creation, that is the new community from the “Serpent’s” bondage and dominion.
       Through the life of Jesus Christ and His redemptive death, the Scriptures were fulfilled and the work of God for Man’s redemption and salvation was punctually and perfectly accomplished.
       The “Serpent”, Satan fought fiercely and actively through the persecutor and the wicked enemies of the truth. Satan did His  worst; nevertheless His power was finally defeated.
       When Jesus said, “It is finished”, He was out of the reach of Satan and all God’s plans concerning His pains were carried out and came to an end.
       “It is finished”, the greatest and most exciting tragedy
    in mankind’s history is completed.
       “It is finished”, Jesus’ physical life on earth which ended with a sever storm of agony is over. He suffered willingly
    and He gave His life and ghost willingly. He is just going to the joy of Paradise as He said to the repentant criminal on the cross. In the same time He brought joy to Mankind.
       “It is finished”, it is done, the ceremonial law is
    abolished and ended, and the middle wall of separation is broken and taken down. A full satisfaction is made to the justice of God, the Father.
       “It is finished”, fountain of God’s grace replaces
    the law of commandments contained in ordinance.
       Peace, comfort and hope replace confusion, sadness and desperation.
    Love replaces enmity. Light replaces darkness. Purity replaces  iniquity.
    Everlasting life replaces everlasting death.
    His saying “It is finished” is a happy case and result. It is
    joyful end as it is a very great exultation and victory.
       “Is finished”, Jesus said it glorious and victoriously.
       The writer of Hebrews said about Christ, “He then would have had to suffer often since the foundation of the world, but now, once at the end of the ages, He has appeared to put away the sacrifice of Himself”. (Heb, 9:26)
    “It is finished”, glory to God, the Father, the Son and the
    Holy Ghost. Amen
{K. Akkari}

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